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Life and entropy

By June 10, 2022January 6th, 2023No Comments

Maybe the smarter we get, the more collective knowledge we have (both human and artificial intelligence) explains the expansion of the universe. All the work has to be offset by entropy.

Notable scientists, including John von Neumann, Erwin Schrödinger, Claude Shannon and Roger Penrose, have entertained the idea that there could be insights to gather from looking at life and the universe in tandem.

We believe this entropy-lowering network of structures is the main currency for the biosphere and life on planets. As the father of thermodynamics, Ludwig Boltzmann, said: “The general struggle for existence of animate beings is therefore not a struggle for raw materials… nor for energy which exists in plenty in any body in the form of heat, but a struggle for entropy, which becomes available through the transition of energy from the hot sun to the cold earth.”

From New Scientist

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